¿ What is Naturhouse? The 3 pillars of the Method.

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¿ What is Naturhouse? The 3 pillars of the Method.

Naturhouse was born in 1992. Today we have 2400 dietetic centers worldwide and more than 6 million customers who, thanks to our method, have changed their eating habits and learned to eat well so they can have a much healthier lifestyle.

Naturhouse mission is to re-educate our customers in their eating habits to help them achieve their "health weight", and to teach them how to maintain it. Our methodology is based on the implementation of our own method, called the "Naturhouse Method", which combines: free personalized advice, monitoring by a nutritionist and the support of natural food supplements. The three elements combined can help us to achieve the healthy weight objective.

Our 3 pillars:

1. Free dietary advice: The regular advice of the nutritionist during the sessions helps to monitor the diet effects continuously and to adjust the recommendations of the treatment based on results. The coach supports and motivates you at all times, making your objective theirs. The combination of these elements makes our method complete and effective.

2. Personalized dietary plans: For weight loss to be truly effective, the diet must be adapted to the individual predisposition of the body: age, health, lifestyle or profession. Only a nutritionist who knows the process and follows your body evolution can choose a treatment adapted to your needs. During the process, the nutritionist will teach you on healthy nutrition, on how to prepare meals and about which products to choose and which ones to limit. The advice of the nutritionist is important not only during the weight loss process, but also after its completion, when it is necessary to maintain the results of the diet and avoid the so-called "rebound effect".

3. Natural Herbal and Extract Supplements: Designed to strengthen the body, cleanse it and support the slimming process. They help speed up the weight loss process to reach our goals sooner. The prescribed natural supplements have been designed to contribute speed up the attainment of a healthy weight and to strengthen and cleanse the body during this process. All of them are made from extracts of plants and fruits following exhaustive manufacturing and quality controls by certified companies (ISO 9001 and GMP). There are a variety of supplements, from food supplements that help in the weight loss process, to others dedicated to personal care, cosmetics and functional food.

The Naturhouse Method is not restrictive, as our customers can continue to have a normal life, attend events and even eat out as long as they follow the guidelines set by their coach.

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