Maria is a young Tenerifian woman who trusted Naturhouse to help her lose weight Her efforts and perseverance allowed her to lose 70 lb in only 9 months. In this interview, she shares how happy she is with the wise decision she took.

Maria, when did you become overweight for the first time? What was the cause?

I was overweight at a very early age. During adolescence the problem got worse. It was due to very heavy meals and bad habits.

And why did you choose Naturhouse?

Because of the advice of a friend of mine, also with weight problems, who first tried Naturhouse.

Had you tried other diets?

Yes, many of them. But none of them worked. I soon got tired, and after quitting I gained twice as much weight as I had lost.

What did you think of the Naturhouse method? What were your impressions after the first visit?

The Naturhouse method seemed very easy. I was able to see results faster and I felt motivated.

Was it hard to change your habits?

No at all. In fact, it was very easy to get used to the new instructions, dishes and menus.

What was the role of your Naturhouse advisor during your weight loss?

A very important one. The advice was very important in order to choose what to eat, how to cook it and how to change my bad habits.

The results were spectacular. What do your family and friends say about the change?

They are impressed. The can’t stop telling me how pretty I look and praising the fact that I lost so much weight in such a short time. Now, I need to stay in shape!

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