NURIA’S STORY (Barcelona)


NURIA’S STORY (Barcelona)

“Naturhouse helps you feel and look better”

Nuria López is really beautiful, she’s full of smiles and happiness. And no wonder! At 32 years old, this Barcelona native put herself in Naturhouse’s hands and lost 46,5 pounds in just five months. She tells us about her experience.

Nuria, tell us why you were overweight

One thing or another, and I was letting myself go... And as I like to eat, it was getting worse. I’m a person who enjoys eating.

And why did you decide to choose Naturhouse?

I always used to see adverts in magazines, so I went to one of your centres and said to myself: “Why not? You can do it!”


Was it easy to follow this method?

It was easier than I thought to follow the method and even more so with my nutritionist Jenny, who was there at all times.


How do feel now, having lost 21 kilos in just five months?

I’m another person in every sense.


Do you think it will be easy to maintain?

I have already maintained it for some time and it seems to be easy. It’s just about continuing to put the good habits into practise.


How did your friends and family react to your new image?

They thought they were seeing things! I remember my parents saying: “Where’s my daughter?” (Smiles) In a good way. Everyone is very happy with what I have achieved, thanks to my efforts and the advice of Naturhouse professionals.


Are you doing things now that you didn't do before? Exercise? Any new or special activities?

I've become more confident, more comfortable with myself. For example, I like to make myself up, to look nice... (I did before too, but I would put anything on and be ready).

Your clothes have changed a lot too, we imagine...

I've had to change a lot of my clothes because there is a big difference between a size 46/48 and a 38.


And finally, would you recommend this method?

Of course! I urge everyone who doesn't like how they look and feel to try it. Because Naturhouse helps you to feel and look better from the first moment. And you’ll notice the difference in the first week.

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