Paula, like many young people, was used to a diet based on ultra-processed, fast food. And she’s very happy with the change in her eating habits achieved thanks to Naturhouse: “Before I didn’t care about eating whatever, whenever and however. Now my five meals a day are a must: now I have breakfast, vegetables and proteins for lunch and dinner, fruit as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack... And she tells us about how she has also decided to make the gym another good habit for maintaining her weight.

Paula, tell us: Why did you want to lose weight?

To look better and feel better about myself. I always wore baggy clothes and wanted to wear something more tailored, more in line with my age.


Were you always overweight? What were the causes?

The truth is I’d never been very skinny, but I’d never weighed 75 kilos either. That was the trigger that made me decide to take care of myself and lose weight. Basically, I ate anything and at all hours; I didn’t have breakfast and then I’d snack all day, uncontrollably.


Had you tried other diets before visiting Naturhouse?

 No, I’d never gone on a diet before, until a few months ago.


How did you hear about Naturhouse?

My mum saw the Naturhouse centre I go to because we live nearby, and she encouraged me to try. And today I think it was a very good decision.


You’ve lost a little over 20 kilos in just seven months with Naturhouse. What do you think about this method?

Honestly, easier than I thought. It’s a very balanced and healthy diet that mainly consists of rethinking the type of food you eat. For me, perhaps the most difficult part was sometimes having to go without things I wanted and that in the end were what made me gain weight. Now I can eat a bit of everything, but I’ve learned to do it in moderation and to be sensible.


Do you recommend it to those who can’t lose weight on their own?

Of course, it’s not just about looking better, it’s feeling better.


What do your family and friends say about the new, spectacular you?

 They all love it...! Everyone says how pretty I am and how much I’ve changed.


Weighing so much less, you’ll have updated your wardrobe. What do you wear now?

Nothing fits. Now I can wear what I want, not just make do with what I can “get into”.

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