7 exercises for losing weight on your own

7 exercises for losing weight on your own

7 exercises for losing weight on your own

If you want to lose weight and are a sports fan, maybe you should make a list of weight loss exercises These types of activities allow us to get in touch with our inner me while developing healthy habits. Take note!

7 exercises for losing weight

They can all be done without any help. Remembered that you need consistency, discipline and effort. If you alternate them during your training days the results will be spectacular.

1. Plyos

Get onto a raised surface using one raised leg keeping your body straight and jump to change your weight to the othet leg. This exercise, will strengthen your legs as well as helping you to lose weight

2. Jumping Jacks

Like the Rolling Stones song says... Jump various times raising your arms and legs at an angle at the same time. This exercise is very effective for losing weight and anyone can do it

3. Lunges

Take a big step forward keeping your body straight and making sure the knee of the leg carrying the weight doesn’t go past the toe. Then return to the first position.

4. Burpees

This weight loss exercise is as effective as it is difficult. It’s done by putting your hands on the ground from standing, jumping your feet back with your legs together into the plank position, and then jumping back up to the standing position.

5. Exercise your ankles

Jump with your body as straight as possible, drawing power form just the ankles, stretching them in the air to be able to bend them again once you reach the ground to bounce back up again. This exercise will help you lose weight and strengthen your ankles to avoid possible injuries.

6. Jump squats

Do a squat and extend the knees and hips with coming up to end in a jump.

7. Bench exercises

Get on the bench by raising one leg, keeping the rest of the body straight while you raise the other knee to your waist and move your arms.

You’re now ready face the scales like a champion! Only the last step to go. Consult the best dietetics specialists to follow a personalised diet and your results will be much quicker. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have everything you need to see how the weight loss exercises slowly start to have an effect on your body.


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