Achieve your ideal weight with Naturhouse
Naturhouse Method

At Naturhouse we help our customers to gain healthy eating habits so that they can reach their ideal weight and improve their quality of life. This is all accompanied by supplements based on natural products, which help achieve the goal in a healthy and effective manner.

The three pillars of our method:

Free dietary advice
The regular advice of the nutritional coach during the consultations helps control the effects of the dietary plan in a continuous manner and adapt it based on the results and treatment. The “nutritional coach” also supports and motivates the customer at all times in order to help him/her achieve his/her goal.

Personalized dietary plan
In order to make the dietary plan effective, it is necessary to adapt it to the individual predisposition of the body: age, health, lifestyle or profession. The “nutritional coach” will advise you on healthy nutrition during the treatment, teaching you how to prepare meals and products to be introduced or eliminated in the diet. The advice of the expert is important not only during the course of treatment, but also after its completion, when it is necessary to maintain the results achieved and prevent the so-called “rebound effect”.

Food supplements based on extracts and natural plants
The natural supplements used are intended to help speed up the achievement of a healthy weight, as well as strengthen and cleanse the body during this process. All the supplements are prepared with the extracts of plants and fruits at the highest quality, guaranteed due to thorough quality and manufacturing controls, developed by previously certified companies (ISO 9001 and GMP).