Achieve your ideal weight with Naturhouse
Naturhouse Method

Our method does not believe in “miracle diets” or in short-term processes. Achieving a healthy weight involves a reeducation process in terms of eating habits that must be continuous

The slimming process is established in 3 phases:

Weight loss (discovery + monitoring)
The nutritional coach will agree with you on the best strategy to achieve the promised objectives together during the first stage of this phase (discovery). The coach will also help you correct bad eating habits and instruct you about the properties of foods and supplements. It is about establishing a mutual commitment between your goals and how to achieve them along with the nutritionist.

The first step in this process is to plan a first interview during which the nutritional coach will advise you, providing you with the most important concepts comprising a balanced diet. Simultaneously, you will know the properties of food supplements and learn to use them in an optimal manner as natural solutions for your own well-being.

During the second stage of this phase (monitoring), your “nutritional coach” will monitor the development of the outlined plan, adapting it if necessary, in order to ensure that the agreed objectives are achieved. You can verify the effectiveness of the prescribed products to continue in the best manner toward the established objective.

You will increase the consumption of antioxidants and you will learn to maintain basic dietary habits in order to control your weight. The maintenance of the obtained results and prevention of the rebound effect is guaranteed.
The “nutritional coach” will help and guide you in the mental and physical adaptation process, which your body needs to adapt to the new weight.