Nutritional health: Tips for increasing it

Nutritional health: Tips for increasing it

Nutritional health: Tips for increasing it

You must have asked yourself more than once if your receiving the necessary nutrients form your food. A lack of just one can cause health risks and even lead to malnourishment. This is a problem faced by people who do not eat certain foods, for example vegans. This is why you should follow a series of tips in order to increase your nutritional health and avoid malnutrition.

Nutritional health: Recommendations for increasing nutritional health

Malnutrition is an abnormal physiological state caused by a lack of certain nutrients.

The cost of food, the fast pace of day to day life and personal taste are some are of the reasons why we don’t eat properly and put our health at risk without even realising.

The best way to know if you are suffering from a deficiency is to see a specialist and get tested. There are also a series of general recommendations for improving nutritional health. Adults are recommended to:

  • Eat 3 fruits and 2 vegetables a day
  • Eat pulses
  • Eat starch-based carbohydrates
  • Not abuse the consumption of milk and dairy
  • Eat (low fat) meat, eggs and fish
  • Eat protein in moderation and try to accompany it with other elements such as cereals and pulses
  • Substitute fried foods for grilled foods

As well as this, we recommend limiting sugar, salt and alcohol intake to 10% of your daily food consumption. This way it will be easier to maintain a normal energy balance and healthy body weight.

Things to bear in mind to do with nutritional health

Sometimes we eat too fast and don't chew out food properly. This can end up causing problems in the digestive tract and a heavy feeling when digesting food. It is therefore advised to eat slowly, thus helping to relax the nervous system and reduce anxiety while eating. This also helps us to eat less.

Hydration is also important. You must drink two litres of water a day, or tea if it’s easier. Thanks to its detoxing power, tea helps us to eliminate fats and other unwanted substances, improving our nutritional health simply and easily.

It’s also important to eat five times a day. Your breakfast would have to be extremely heavy to provide you with the necessary energy. Lots of people also tend to skip dinner, which, like the rest of the meals, is very important. It’s true that we should eat heavy foods for dinner to be able to digest food easily before bed.

Remember that on the one hand, health food will improve your immune system preventing illness. And on the other hand, it’s essential to combine healthy eating with exercise. So if you want to look after your nutritional health properly, the best thing to do is contact a nutrition and dietetics expert so that they can create a personalised diet plan specially for you.


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