Top 15 best foods for losing weight

best foods for losing weight

Top 15 best foods for losing weight


Want to know the best foods for losing weight? Wanting to lose weight is something many people have in common. But how? With the famous combination of diet + exercise. But which products are best?

The 15 best foods for losing weight

Nutritionists recommend eating a varied diet so that your body receives all the nutrients. But, which are the must-eat foods for losing weight?


  1. Lemon. It has lots of preventative and curative properties. It's perfect for adding to smoothies that promote weight loss (with cucumber and orange for example). It also boosts your defences against bacteria and viruses.
  2. Oranges. Orange juice is a good complement to any meal and a healthy way of staying hydrated. They are rich in antioxidants and a source of vitamin C.
  3. Cucumber. In smoothies, salads, or as an accompaniment to ham and cheese. It’s one of the best foods for losing weight.
  4. Apples. Hydrating and detoxing. The have the perfect natural sugar content.
  5. Blackberries. They are great snack, rich in antioxidants and combine water and fibre.
  6. Grapefruits. It is preferable to eat them before each meal. They have a high fibre content.
  7. Pears. Pear juice is a natural source of energy. It helps you stay hydrated, improve your skin and are detoxing.
  8. Avocados. A weight loss food with a high non-saturated fat content. In fact, they help counter saturated fats and reduce cholesterol.
  9. Broccoli. Broccoli has a high nutrient content and helps cut the additional calories already consumed. We recommend not over cooking it.
  10. Chickpeas. Rich in soluble fibre. They absorb water and leave you feeling full.
  11. Lentils. They are one of the most protein rich foods with a low calorie content.
  12. Spinach. It is an excellent antioxidant and great source of iron.
  13. Quinoa. This is a weight loss food with a high protein and fibre content.
  14. Oats. Are rich in fibre and help keep your digestive tract active and clean.
  15. Salmon. A very healthy source of protein, low in fats and rich in antioxidants.

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