Change your diet and change your life!

Change your diet and change your life!

Many people throughout their lifetime will gain unwanted weight at some point or another, even if it is just a few pounds. For some, losing these additional pounds, just means a quick and easy adjustment to diet and exercise which will get them back to their normal weight in no time at all.

For others however, it is not that easy and can be the start of a downward spiral and a constant battle with dieting and weight management. This battle with weight gain can for some, be overwhelming and lead to depression (, causing low self-esteem and in extreme cases other serious health issues can then develop

At Naturhouse our mission is to teach people how to eat and diet healthily, and once they have reached their ideal weight, to learn how to maintain it. We have found this approach helps people live healthily and happily for many years to come.

If you need to lose weight and have tried many diets in the past that have resulted in bad experiences, trying the Naturhouse method could just be the refreshing change you need.

Our unique approach ensures that you have a dedicated Naturhouse Advisor who will create a unique diet plan tailored especially for you, that will help you achieve your discussed goal weight. They will agree realistic goals with you, to ensure you lose weight gradually, week by week.

We understand that everyone is different which is why our diet plans are tailored to suit individual needs, lifestyle’s and requirements. And just as importantly as you progress with your weight loss, your plan is then adjusted accordingly as we learn how your body adapts to the Naturhouse Method.

Starting any diet can be overwhelming and making sure you are mentally prepared for the journey will help you succeed and stay on track.

We know that everyone wants to lose weight quickly but understanding that sustainable weight loss takes time, will ensure you don’t set yourself unrealistic targets. The best way to lose weight is slowly and steadily, roughly an average of between 1-2 lb’s every week is a good goal to set yourself. You may find that at the beginning, as your body adjusts, you see larger losses but understanding that this may not be maintained will ensure you won’t feel despondent if your weight loss reduces to a pound or so each week.

Having supportive friends and family that you can talk to will help you on those days you find challenging. And of course, you will also have the bonus of having a dedicated Naturhouse advisor on hand to discuss any issues with you that you may be facing. Your certified nutritionist will give you lots of encouragement and support whenever you need it. With the advantage of weekly meetings, you will be able to discuss how you are feeling, how your body is reacting and if you have any concerns and worries.

If you’d like to discuss starting your weight loss journey, make an appointment at our store here in Earls Court, London today. We’d love to see you and discuss how we can help you achieve the weight you’ve always dreamed of.

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