Redunat 60 Caps

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Redunat is an ideal supplement for weight loss diets. It contains L-carnitine, which may help to burn fat more effectively (when accompanied by exercise) and may prevent the accumulation of lactic acid; green tea, which has a diuretic, lipolytic and antioxidant effect; and glucomannan, which may lead to the feeling of satiety as it increases in size when hydrated.

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Redunat is a great help when following weight control diets. It is ideal for athletes, as well as for those who do not perform regular physical activity. Contains L-carnitine, which may help activate metabolism and favours the burning of fats; green tea, which has a lipoactive effect as well as diuretic and antioxidant properties; and glucomannan, which may inhibit the appetite.

L-carnitine is responsible for transporting fatty acids into mitochondria, where they are used as fuel to obtain energy. The ideal is to require energy through exercise, but dynamic and normal daily activity is enough to initiate the process.

Green tea has great antioxidant capacity, as well as stimulating metabolism and supporting the transformation of fats into calories.

Glucomannan is a very soluble fibre, which has an exceptional ability to capture water, forming highly viscous solutions. It is effective against obesity, for the feeling of satiety it produces, and against constipation, as it increases faecal weight. It may also help reduce cholesterol as it interferes with the transport of cholesterol and bile acids and may help lower glucose and insulin levels.


Take four capsules a day, divided half an hour before main meals, with one or two glasses of water.

Corn starch, cellulose (bulking agent), capsule (gelatine, water, E-171), magnesium oxide (anti-caking agent)
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Weight 29 g
Serving unit capsule
Serving size 2
Number of servings 30
Width 2,1 cm
Height 9 cm
Allergens Gluten free, Shellfish free, Fish free, Egg free, Dairy free, Soja free, Tree-nut free
Specialty Diets Non GMO