Personalised Diet Plan
Free Monitoring with your Naturhouse Adviser
Food Supplements

Achieve your target weight and stick to it

New viewpoint

We will establish a goal weight for you that we will achieve with our Naturhouse Method by fulfilling the three fundamental pillars: a personalised diet plan, weekly nutritional advice and food supplements.

Weight loss

Weight loss  is gradual and progressive. Based on weekly results, we adapt your diet plan and food supplements.
The duration of each stage is variable depending on your goal.

Accompanying Supplements

At Naturhouse we work with food supplements based on natural ingredients and specially formulated with plant and fruit extracts, minerals and vitamins. We also have food products that are rich in fibre, low in sugars and low in calories to complement and help you to enjoy a balanced diet.

Naturhouse’s + points

Nutritional coaching every week to lose weight .
A balanced diet to achieve weight loss without going hungry.
Maintain your new obtained weight thanks to stabilisation and maintenance stages.

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* Results may vary depending on your history, frequency of physical activity and personal motivation to follow the method.