Light dinner: Benefits and ingredients that you should include at dinner time

Introducing a light dinner to your diet can have very positive effects on your health. Going to bed bloated and with difficultly digesting is a thing of the past. It affects your sleep and does nothing to relieve anxiety, only feed it more. Discover the reasons for picking up this habit!
3 day ago
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NURIA’S STORY (Barcelona)

We present to you the testimony of Nuria, who has achieved her weighty objectives thanks to her effort and overcoming. You can do it too!
9 day ago
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Properties and benefits of the artichoke, the best ally in your diet.

Thanks to its multiple benefits, the artichoke is an essential element in any healthy diet: it is depurative, diuretic, helps to regulate the intestine and strengthens the immune system and fights cholesterol.
16 day ago
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Slimbel shake with red fruits.

We propose you a delicious Slimbel shake with red fruits. Would you like to try it? #NaturRecipes
18 day ago
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How to prepare an açaí bowl, the healthiest breakfast

The açaí bowl is one of the best ways to start the day. The best breakfast and the healthiest when we need energy to endure the morning. Find out how to do it in just 10 minutes!
2 months ago
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¿ What is Naturhouse? The 3 pillars of the Method.

Naturhouse mission is to re-educate our customers in their eating habits to help them achieve their "health weight", and to teach them how to maintain it. Our methodology is based on the implementation of our own differentiated method, called the "Naturhouse Method"

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How to lose weight in a healthy way

In order to lose weight there are mainly two options: the fast and less healthy one, in which meals and nutrients are suppressed, so results are achieved in the short term but also quickly recovered, or the slower reasonable and healthy one in which a balanced diet is maintained but calories intake is restricted and exercise is promoted.

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Top 15 best foods for losing weight

Want to know the best foods for losing weight? Wanting to lose weight is something many people have in common. But how? With the famous combination of diet + exercise. But which products are best?.

8 months ago
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