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Fibroki 5C

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Biscuits with five cereals
Uses / Function: Weight control.Good Source of fiber

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Crunchy and tasty cookies with a high content of dietary fiber, without sucrose. With fructose.

Fibroki NaturHouse biscuits, thanks to the fiber content, support the normal functioning of the digestive system, increase the satiety feeling, being useful in controlled diets aimed at purifying and controlling the weight.

This product comes in the form of biscuits that can be eaten with yogurt or milk as a breakfast or a fresh snack. They are characterized by the presence of fibers that support the digestive process, stimulating peristalsis, contributing to better intestinal transit and detoxification of the body.

Due to the fiber-rich content of Fibroki biscuits, they give a feeling of satiety and decrease appetite, thus contributing to maintaining a healthy body weight.

PROPERTIES: FIBROKI “5C” cookies provide 5 cereals to help follow a healthy and balanced diet. Because of its soluble and insoluble fiber content, they increase the sensation of satiety and favor intestinal transit.

INDICATIONS: Constipation, fiber intake, feeling full, diets

INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour, vegetable margarine, whole cane sugar, wheat bran, milk powder, brown flax seeds, sesame seeds, oat flakes, rye flakes, fresh eggs, wheat starch, malt flour, hazelnut aroma, aroma butter, antioxidant: anthracite E-320, vanilla aroma, thyme, rosemary, salt, gasifying: ammonium bicarbonate E-503.

INSTRUCTIONS: To obtain the desired result, it is advisable to take 5 to 12 cookies a day, trying to drink plenty of water or infusions.

PRESENTATION: Net weight of container: 300g

Function: Weight control.Good Source of fiber

Content amount: 3Dosage/Mg: 3 trays x 3,53 Oz eachUnit weight (oz): 10.6