Blooming Spring – Blooming You – Finally Spring has Sprung!

Daffodils in spring time

Blooming Spring – Blooming You – Finally Spring has Sprung!

As temperatures soar in the UK this week and the rain finally abates, you may find, for no apparent reason, you’re walking a little lighter and feeling happier than normal.

This change of mood is not uncommon and although many of us live through the changing seasons without noticing any huge effect on our mood, some of us notice we feel depressed throughout the autumn and winter months which can have a significant effect on day to day life, a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

SAD tends to follow a similar pattern every year, with the worst apparent times being noticeable in winter. Symptoms can start in autumn as daylight hours shorten and then start to improve during March/April as the days lengthen.

If this should familiar and you think you need help or advice, or simply want to find out more, the NHS website has further details:

SAD symptoms can include the following:

  • A persistent low mood
  • Loss of interest in normal everyday activities
  • Lacking in energy and sleeping longer than normal with a struggle to get up in the mornings
  • Weight gain due to craving of carbohydrates

If you have gained weight throughout winter, you can be rest assured you won’t have been alone – with many of us gaining on average five to seven pounds over the winter months.! During this time many of us tend to eat more comfort food to block out the cold and spend time in front of the TV rather than sticking to our normal exercise routines.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, overweight and unhealthy, don’t despair, spring is a great time to lose weight. But if you’re not sure where to start, don’t panic, our experienced certified nutritionists are here to help.

Spring flowers in a feildUsing our Naturhouse Method our experienced team of nutritionists can help you achieved your agreed goal weight. The method uses primarily three fundamental pillars for success: a personalised diet plan, weekly nutritional advice and food supplements. The method we use will help you achieve your goals, by getting you started in the right direction, but our help and guidance doesn’t stop there. We support you at every step along your journey and are able to offer advice, whenever you need it.

Why not drop into our store in Earls Court, West London today or contact us and make an appointment. Our team of certified nutritionists would be delighted to meet with you and discuss how you too can lose weight for summer 2018!

And remember, while the sun is shining get outside and enjoy the rays even if it is for just a few minutes each day. Most of us get our vitamin D from sunlight so not only will it boost your mood, you will also be helping your body absorb calcium and phosphate from your diet, vital for strong healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Sunlight can also help with many skin irritations but be careful not to over expose your skin, take precautions like covering up and using sun screen to avoid burning.

If you’d like to find out more about Naturhouse and how we have helped others achieve their dreams, you can download our magazine here.

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